Christleton Methodist Church

  • Little Heath Road
  • Christleton
  • Cheshire
  • CH3 7AH


Funerals candlesChristians believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ gives them hope and cause for thanksgiving in the face of death. In this faith we entrust those who have died to the infinite mercy and love of God.   A Methodist funeral service acknowledges this hope and offers bereaved people the opportunity to remember their loved one's life and offer them into God's care.

Most people will use the services of a local funeral director, who will provide advice and organise all the practical arrangements.   The person who has died may have left details of the sort of funeral that they hoped for and Christleton Methodist Church would want to support you in keeping to such arrangements as much as possible and in making the service a personal and appropriate occasion. Taking funerals is an important part of Rev'd Christine Dutton's work and she will take time to visit families, offering comfort and support before and after the funeral itself with the opportunity to offer ongoing support after the funeral.

If you would like a funeral to involve Christleton Methodist Church, please contact Rev'd Christine Dutton as soon as possible after your bereavement to check her availability before booking the time and date of the service.