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Railway Children

This year, 'Railway Children' celebrates 20 years of fighting for children alone and at risk on the streets. During that time, they've reached more than 275,000 children in India, the UK and East Africa.  They know there is still so much more to do. Millions of children still live alone on the streets where they suffer abuse and exploitation. They run away or are forced to leave home.  They find themselves living on the streets because there is nowhere else to go and no one left to turn to. Every day 'Railway Children'  fights to change their story. The pioneering work they do enables them to get to street children before the streets get to them. In the UK, society often denies their existence, and in other countries the problem is so prevalent that it has become 'normal'.

They work at three levels for long-term change. At Street level they meet the immediate needs of children. Their outreach workers go out on the streets to find vulnerable children before an abuser can. At Community level they change the perceptions of local communities. They make children on the streets visible to their communities and aid understanding of how they came to be there. At Government level they use research, expertise and strong relationships with key individuals and departments to influence policy makers and leverage government support.

For more information and to hear a message from Railway Children's Founder David Maidment go to:

Railway Children